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Green Choice Design Group specializes in the design of water features and water solutions. We are dedicated to providing the desired design while maximizing value, and respecting the environment.  With Green Choice’s background in design and construction, our designs focus on using the right equipment for the project, ease of constructability, while minimizing power consumption and maintenance requirements.

Welcome to Green Choice Design Group Inc.



Equally functional and aesthetically pleasing, natural water features serve a purpose and look beautiful. Often using reclaimed water, they serve as the irrigation storage reservoir while serving as a beautiful setting for homes and parks.


Using the latest technology, we design in ground, cantilever, and above deck pool and spas and provide design information to other disciplines early on in the design process when it is needed.


Koi ponds require a high level of detailed design for aquatic life to thrive. Thoughtful design can minimize maintenance, reduce water waste, and maximize aesthetics for a natural habitat.


GCDG has the experience to design and construct features that are maintenance friendly, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly.


Interactive water features require innovative design to meet or exceed stringent County requirements and to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


With hundreds of lakes and ponds designed and/or constructed, we have the experience to guide your project from conceptual design to approved construction documents and through construction and construction administration.


Lakes at Indian Palms Country Club - Fields 3


Fields 3 was a renovation to fix an old, leaking, and dilapidating water feature that was past its useful lifespan. New technology was used to bring this feature up to modern standards.  The feature no longer leaks, thus saving water, uses less energy, and keeps the water fresh with plants, and natural filtration.  Special Thanks to Bear Valley Water Features on the water feature construction.  Check out their amazing natural rockwork!

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Marc Schwering, PE

(m) 714.397.3660 

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